The Hunger Games for KONY 2012

I have no idea if this can happen, but I think The Hunger Games fandom is big enough to band together and try.

The premiere of The Hunger Games is only a few days away, but what I’m hoping we can do is convince Lionsgate to play the KONY 2012 video sometime at the premiere. I know there’s a lot of different responses to the video, but the majority of us can agree that if Invisible Children achieves what they’re trying to, it definitely won’t be a bad thing.

So this is what I am doing: 




The Hunger Games for KONY 2012



In just a few days “The world will be watching” The Hunger Games. As Hunger Games fans, we try understanding how unjustly and violently human rights can be disrupted, and would never want what happens in the books to become a reality. Unfortunately, as Invisible Children has highlighted, we are facing a very violent truth. That is why we are asking that on the 12th of March, 2012, at the premiere of The Hunger Games, you also play Invisible Children’s film, KONY 2012. It is a simple gesture that could have an incredible impact, and it sits regrettably well with the themes of The Hunger Games.

So please, help the rest of the world make a difference, by showing them that they can.

You don’t have to reblog me or use the text that I am (but feel free to do so), but please just send an email in Lionsgate’s direction. The world really will be watching, so why not show the world what’s going on out there? And wouldn’t it be great to see just how well The Hunger Games fandom can band together for causes we feel passionate about!

One last thing: if you have a favourite Hunger Games Tumblr blog, send them an ask/fanmail about what we’re trying to do and see if they can spread the message. 

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